About the Artist

Motherly Love
My passion for painting takes me to a happy place where my mind is empty of all
responsibilities and I can get lost in the creative process.

As a wise man once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves, at
the same time.”

It is only in recent years that I have found the opportunity to return to my art and
discovered once again why painting makes me happy and fills me with positive emotion
which is reflected in my paintings.

I find inspiration from so many different aspects of life and the wide variety of
styles and techniques I use is a true reflection of my personality, very eclectic. I
have so many paintings stored in my mind that I will need to live to be 180 years 
old in order to create them all.

My favourite medium is oil paint although I have recently fallen in love with
incorporating gold leaf into some of my latest works. Although the process can be
very time consuming and messy, it is a labour of love and lets me bring a completely
different finish to the canvas. 

When working with gold leaf, its gets everywhere, so I take my canvasses outdoors
for part of the process, which often leaves my garden looking like the pot of gold
at the end of a rainbow.

I have accepted some commission work this year but because I need to feel what I am
doing, rather than just do it, I have been forced to decline a number of such
requests too

Liz Bryce