About the Artist

My passion for painting takes me to a happy place where my mind is empty of all
responsibilities and I can get lost in the creative process.

As a wise man once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves, at
the same time.”

It is only in recent years that I have found the opportunity to return to my art and
discovered once again why the creative process makes me happy and fills me with positive emotion
which is reflected in my work.

I find inspiration from so many different aspects of life, lately, the earths natural beauty have
fascinated me, giving me inspiration from the earth sea and sky, my current works are more mixed media
and abstract. I incorporate genuine healing crystals into my geode inspired art pieces, filled with 
energy and texture.

I have accepted some commission work this year but because I need to feel what I am
doing, rather than just do it, I have been forced to decline a number of such
requests too

Liz Bryce